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In May 2019, R. Crusoe Managing Director Brett Cumberland leads a one-time-only Hosted Journey to Russia, and you are invited to join him. The group heads to Russia during the White Nights and warm days of summer, when Russians are at their most joyous.

With Brett, dig into the Russia behind the headlines on visits to her two most important cities. Insider activities along the route allow the group to get to know the history, culture, people, and cuisine (vodka, too) of the world’s largest nation.

Depart the U.S. on 16 May, and fly to Moscow, Russia’s intellectual hub. Tour the Kremlin and its Armory Palace and State Diamond Fund, the latter home to Catherine the Great’s priceless coronation crown. Take a history lesson inside 15th-century Assumption Cathedral and on a stroll through Red Square. View St. Basil’s iconic (and Seussian) onion domes.

Learn about the importance of Novodevichy Convent, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Buried in its cemetery are some of Russia’s great luminaries.

Then catch the speedy Sapsan train to St. Petersburg, tangible evidence of Peter the Great’s drive to create a Russian city to rival those he loved on a Grand Tour of Western Europe.

This culturally jam-packed city has so much to offer. There’s Peter and Paul Fortress. The Church of the Spilt Blood. St. Isaac’s Cathedral.

By special arrangement, enter the Hermitage after hours, when the crowds have gone.

In Pushkin, visit Catherine Palace, where you have a specially arranged private tour of the workshop that produced the “wallpaper” of the famous Amber Room.

Don’t wait. This Hosted Journey will book quickly. For details or to book, email Rachel Dorsey at or call 888-490-8004.

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