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Why R. Crusoe?

R. Crusoe & Son is an immensely lucky group of people who are passionate about travel.

     We specialize in unusual journeys.

     Our definition of a traveler (versus a tourist) is someone who likes getting away from the familiar. We recognize that there is no more engaging way of finding out who you are, who you might be.

     Travelers, by nature, want to get deep inside places, go behind the scenes, wander into places not often open to just anyone, meet fascinating local people, come home with good stories that are actually true. (And that their friends haven't already heard.)

     We believe our travelers are entitled to experienced counsel, faultless and luxurious arrangements, seamless travel, and unfailing attention to detail. Planning exceptional travel takes time, effort, firsthand experience, and expertise. We understand that one might not pass this way again, so the visit should be the ultimate experience.

     The journeys we create are literally once-in-a-lifetime, and we take that responsibility seriously.

     Our team—everyone from our travel specialists to our destination guides—puts decades of on-the-ground knowledge into creating superb, magical moments for our travelers.

     We embrace you as cherished members of our extended R. Crusoe & Son family. As we plan your time away, we ask ourselves, "What do we have in store for each and every day of your journey to make you feel special?"

     Because to us, that's exactly what you are.

We offer several types of journeys:

Custom Journeys. You want a tour tailor-made for you and your lover or your seven elderly aunts from Nantucket. We pair you with the top guides, put you up in just the right hotels, and take you to fantastic meals. We whisk you off to interesting sites, to meet intriguing people, to break out of the ho-hum.

Hosted Journeys. Once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to accompany R. Crusoe’s managing director or another host we’ve selected to enhance a particular journey. These small group tours are full of special insider experiences.

Private Jet Journeys. Innovative expeditions that minimize the friction of travel between remarkable and remote places. Hassle-free flights. Dedicated crews. Top experts. Small-group touring. In essence, a return to the Golden Age of Travel.

Special Interest Group Journeys. Orchestra and museum patrons and other organizations have us create group tours sans the group tour feel. We’ve sent foodies and wine lovers to our favorite spots. Executives say thanks with our incentive journeys. Have a group that wants to travel especially well? Let us know.


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