Up, up, and away.

"R. Crusoe can put together anything we dream up,” says Denise Mikula. She should know. Along with her husband, Mike, she has tested that theory on quite a few occasions.

     Though the Mikulas both work full time, travel is a priority. Between work and visits with the kids and the grandkids, they carve out time to get away as often as possible.

     Having first heard about R. Crusoe through a friend, one of our frequent travelers, Denise and Mike called our travel consultant Jane Franklin to discuss a visit to South Africa. This was a trip they’d been fantasizing about for years.

     Jane made it happen, and, as usual, she pulled out all the stops. She arranged for Denise to go horseback riding on a beach in Cape Town and for Mike to play a round of golf in a members-only club.

     The Mikulas were delighted with their first Crusoe experience, so their next journey with us fell into place naturally. R. Crusoe sent Denise and Mike and four close friends on a chartered barge cruise through Burgundy, France.

     Another success—and no surprise, since they chose one of our favorite barges, the Fleur de Lys.

     Then Denise came to us with a request for South America, at that point unfamiliar territory to the Mikulas.

     “Everything with R. Crusoe just works well,” explains Denise. “It’s easy. Your hand is held through the entire process.”

     Once again, Jane put together a wonderful journey, this time to Brazil, Iguazú Falls, Buenos Aires, and the Mendoza Wine Valley. “You found the best hotels,” Denise remembers. “And the guide we had in Buenos Aires was just exceptional.“

     As Mike is an entrepreneur, Jane arranged for the Mikulas to compare notes with several business people over coffee in Buenos Aires. The Mikulas point to this as one of the highlights of their journey.

     Next on the list? With the help of Crusoe travel specialist Rebecca Wright, Denise and Mike and another couple, favorite travel companions, toured the Aegean on a Seabourn cruise. Rebecca created spectacular pre- and post-cruise touring in Istanbul and Athens to round out their visit.

     The Mikulas say they see a Private Jet Journey in their future.

     “We have our health,” explains Denise. “We want to travel as much as we can while we can.”

     But understand: This tour will be no grand finale for the Mikulas—it’s a segue to the next chapter of travel.

     “We look at the Private Jet Journey as an introduction to the world’s highlights,” Denise explains. “There are stops that have not been on our radar. This tour will introduce us to them, and maybe we’ll decide to return to some. For example, the jet is stopping in Egypt, and we already know we’ll be going back there.”

     And, we suspect, they’ll be back to R. Crusoe to start planning their next dream journey.

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