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Our Favorite Group?

Answering that question would be like choosing between children.

For our Special Interest Groups, we are honored to work with leading organizations to create and operate journeys that create meaningful memories and connections.

For our Hosted Journeys, we are fortunate to build unique itineraries around both a destination and noteworthy host.

Examples of both types of tours are listed here:

The Society of International Business Fellows goes to Bhutan.

Special Interest Group

What better way to learn about one of the world’s youngest democracies than to travel there and meet the country’s movers and shakers?  Read More »

Mies & more.

Special Interest Group

Master of modern “skin and bones” architecture, Mies van der Rohe left a legacy that informs today’s most visionary designers. In 1938, Mies left Germany and settled in Chicago, where he taught at—and designed the campus of—the Illinois Institute of Technology. Eighteen Mies buildings still stand here, among the world’s largest collections of his buildings.  Read More »

Insider travel for a group of true insiders.

Special Interest Group

An association of international hoteliers, IHG Owners Association first approached R. Crusoe in 2003 about designing a tour for their members, who own and operate more than 3,300 hotels in the United States and Canada.

Imagine creating a tour for discerning executives in the travel industry.
  Read More »

Music and more in China and Japan.

Special Interest Group

There’s really no doubt that the Chicago Symphony Orchestra is one of the world’s best. So when the CSO travels, R. Crusoe was delighted to create tours for the orchestra patrons.  Read More »

India's crown jewels, up close and personal.

Hosted Journey

Our hosted journeys have always been popular with Crusoe travelers. Why? It must have something to do with the fact that those journeys take small groups of travelers to delve deep into a culture, get at the very heart of a country, and go way past the usual tourist stops. With insightful and passionate hosts leading the way, it all goes off without a hitch (and then some).

Take, for example, one of our India journeys hosted by Sanjay Chatterji, Crusoe’s dear friend and a native of India.  Read More »