Three's not a crowd.

Michele Kahn is a personal shopper for a high-end U.S. retailer. She spends her days providing top-notch service. And when she takes a vacation, she looks forward to being the customer.

     “All day long, I try to make people happy,” explains Michele. “You want that service for yourself.”

     Michele travels with her sister, Hannah Kahn, and their friend, Erica Kennedy. Over the years, R. Crusoe has taken them to Peru, Chile, Easter Island, and—most recently—to Vietnam.

     “We’re looking for value,” says Michele. “Most of all, we value our time.”

     Michele works long hours, and she says she doesn’t have a taste for “the drama of planning my tours on the Internet.”

     She loves working with R. Crusoe because we organize the women’s journeys specifically to fit their travel dates. And we build spontaneity into their daily schedule, just as they request.

     “We can do what we want, when we want,” says Michele. “But we also have the structure of a basic plan with a wonderful guide and driver, who make our trips so efficient.”

     An experienced traveler who has worked with other tour companies, Michele keeps coming back to R. Crusoe.

     “I found other companies not as personal or friendly,” she explains. “One day, I called R. Crusoe and asked if this or that could be done. Instead of saying ‘No,’ the tour consultant said, ‘Let’s work on this. Let’s see what we can do.’ And she did it.”

     Triple rooms are not as common as double rooms around the world. But when these three women travel together, they like to share a triple.

     “We love to review our day. Since we enjoy shopping at local markets, we usually have a treasure review in our room in the evening, so we appreciate R. Crusoe’s efforts to get us triple rooms when possible.

     “We also enjoy the special visits that R. Crusoe & Son has arranged for us.”

     On their tour through Vietnam, the women spent time with a historian, who ended up inviting them to his home for lunch. “What a treat,” remembers Michele. On another occasion, their guide, who recognized the women’s interest in the local lacquerware, took them to meet a lacquer artist in his workshop.

     All of this is great when things are going well. But what happens when there’s a hiccup?

     “We were driven to Halong Bay and boarded a sailing junk, where we were supposed to spend the night,” recounts Michele. “But after setting out on our cruise, the weather took a turn for the worse, and we had to return to shore. The captain called our guide, who returned with the driver to take us to Hanoi. What would have happened if we had booked the boat ourselves? We would have been dropped at the port with no hotel and no way to get anywhere.”

     They were happy to have Crusoe on their side. “Your customer service is the best,” cheers Michele.

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