Sri Lanka

Can’t locate Sri Lanka on a map? Find the tear drop-shaped island just off the southern tip of India, and voilà. Buddhism arrived in 250 B.C.; Hinduism took hold sometime later. Ancient Sri Lankans had a knack for designing ingenious reservoirs, dams, and aqueducts, and they were crack mathematicians. The island was an important part of the Silk Road, not only for its deep natural harbor, but also for its native spices. Today, the island boasts an astonishing eight UNESCO World Heritage sites.

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Private Jet: Jewels of the Indian Ocean 2019.

Europe, Asia, Africa (India, Indonesia, Madagascar, Mozambique, Netherlands (Holland), Sri Lanka, Seychelles, Mauritius)

Dates: 23 April 2019

Type: Private Jet Journeys / Set Departure

Mode: Air

Come follow the trade winds in the wake of yesterday’s explorers. Enjoy days of discovery perfumed with cinnamon, cloves, and pepper, and ornamented with swaying palm trees and charming old city streets. This journey also exposes you to the wil...

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Private Jet: Lands of Merchants & Maharajas. South Asia & the Arabian Sea. 2019

Europe, Asia, Middle East (Greece, India, Maldives, Nepal, Oman, Sri Lanka)

Dates: 16 January 2019

Type: Private Jet Journeys / Set Departure

Mode: Air

From sacred pilgrimage sites to thriving coral reefs, this Private Jet Journey takes you to a part of the world you likely don’t know well. Come explore natural and cultural wonders in Oman, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and the remarkable island na...

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Sri Lanka. Five Millennia of Spices, Artistry, & Architecture in the Indian Ocean.

Asia (India, Sri Lanka)

Season: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

Type: Custom Journeys

Mode: Land

Spice traders, Buddhists, and powerful dynasties all made their way to Sri Lanka (once, Ceylon) long before Europeans headed there to take charge. Come explore the fascinating island nation of Sri Lanka, just off the southern coast of India. UNESCO h...

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