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Selkirk Society

Having traveled on an unusual journey with R. Crusoe & Son, you have become a member of our Selkirk Society (named in honor of the intrepid gent whose adventures inspired Mr. Defoe to write his book). Less venerable than the Royal Geographic, perhaps, but with more practical benefits. We humbly and cheerfully offer the following:

Send-A-Friend Discount.

If you refer travelers who have never taken an R. Crusoe journey, you and your pals both come out ahead. As a past traveler, we invite you to extend a five percent discount to your friends, and you yourself receive a five percent discount off your next trip with us, once your friends return home. You can accumulate up to 50 percent off any one journey with us. Just pass on your friends' names by calling 1-888-490-8045, faxing 1-312-980-8100, or emailing us at Restrictions apply.

Frequent Traveler Bonus.

Take two Crusoe trips within 12 months, and enjoy five percent off the second trip. And the third, for the truly intrepid. Restrictions apply.

Gather-A-Group Discount.

Put together a group of 10 people who want to tour with R. Crusoe & Son, and you can accompany them free as an 11th traveler. Gather eight travelers, and as the ninth, you pay only 50 percent of the tour cost. Or you can choose to share the discount with your fellow travelers. Restrictions apply.

Tomorrow's News Today.

Hear about new R. Crusoe journeys, and have the opportunity to make priority reservations. When Bhutan opened up to visitors, for instance, Crusoe had the information right away.

R.Crusoe and Son President's Trips.

Be among the first to hear about opportunities to travel in a small group with Brett Cumberland, Crusoe President and Managing Director. These journeys are filled with special features, great hotels, exceptional food. But be warned: Our President's Trips fill up fast.

Please note: offers are not combinable. Discounts apply to most journeys, but Cruises, Private Jet tours, Hosted tours, and Special Interest Group tours are among those we’re sorry to exclude. Please call us for details.