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  • El Olivo Restaurant at Belmond La Residencia. Mallorca, Spain.

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  • Bonifacio stands above the white cliffs and azure waters of Corsica.

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  • The ceiling is one among many treasures within St. John's Co-Cathedral in Valletta, Malta.

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  • Behemoth Mount Etna rises above the Sicilian landscape.

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  • Library of Celsus, just one of the incredible remains still standing at Ephesus, Turkey.

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Private Jet: Uncharted Mediterranean. 2019

Here is an extraordinary opportunity to explore lesser-known reaches of the Mediterranean. Think megalithic temples and ancient citadels, important religious sites and tranquil villages.

     Travel into the distant past on this unprecedented Private Jet Journey to hidden gems around the Mediterranean. Explore fortified cities on the islands of Corsica and Malta, trace Turkey’s sparkling Turquoise Coast, examine sacred Greek, Roman, and Byzantine sites, and explore the stunning slopes of Mount Etna.

     At a number of incredible UNESCO World Heritage sites, archaeological ruins illustrate the very evolution of mankind.

20 Days.

France, Greece, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Corsica

Dates:8 September 2019

Type:Private Jet Journeys/Set Departure



On this journey, R. Crusoe partners with TCS World Travel, and Crusoe travelers share the private jet with other, non-Crusoe travelers. This itinerary is subject to change.

Day 1: Barcelona, Spain
Sunday, 8 September 2019

• Meet staff and fellow travelers at a festive welcome dinner.
Overnight in Barcelona

Day 2-3: Mallorca, Spain
Monday & Tuesday, 9-10 September 2019

• Fly to Mallorca.
• Tour Palma, beach time at leisure.
Overnights on Mallorca

Day 4-5: Corsica, France
Wednesday & Thursday,11-12 September 2019

• Fly to Corsica.
• Bonifacio, option to cruise the historic Corsican coast.
Overnights on Corsica

Day 6-7: Malta
Friday & Saturday, 13-14 September 2019
• Fly to Malta.
• Valletta including St. John's Co-Cathedral, Hagar Qim, Hal Saflieni Hypogeum.
Overnights in Malta

Day 8-9: Cyprus
Sunday & Monday, 15-16 Septembery 2019

• Fly to Cyprus.
• Choirokoitia, daytrip to Limassol or Paphos.
Overnights in Cyprus

Day 10-11: Crete, Greece
Tuesday & Wednesday, 17-18 September 2019

• Fly to Crete.
• Options for farm visit or cooking class.
• Palace of Knossos, raki distillery or boat ride to Spinalonga Island.
Overnights on Crete

Day 12-13: Turquoise Coast, Ephesus, Bodrum, Turkey
Thursday & Friday, 19-20 September 2019

• Traverse the Turquoise Coast.
• Ephesus archaeological site including the Temple of Artemis (Diana).
Overnights in Bodrum

Day 14-16: Sicily, Italy
Saturday-Monday, 21-23 September 2019

• Fly to Sicily. 
• Explore Mount Etna on foot of by four-wheel-drive vehicle.
• Ionian Riviera by yacht or local wineries by bike.
Overnights in Taormina

Day 17-18: Sardinia, Italy
Tuesday & Wednesday, 24-25 September 2019
• Fly to Sardinia.
• Cagliari ruins, Su Nuraxi di Barumini, Giara Plateau wild horses
Overnights on Sardinia

Day 19: Barcelona
Thursday, 26 September 2019

• Fly to Barcelona, farewell dinner.
Overnight in Barcelona

Day 20: Barcelona; U.S.
Friday, 27 September 2019

• Continue home independently on a commercial flight.

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Per person sharing room from $88,950 WAITLISTED
Single supplement $8,895

For more information, to book, or to speak to an R. Crusoe & Son tour specialist, please call us at 800-585-8555.

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About Your Private Jet.

Take to the skies in the grandest style. From the moment you step aboard your private jet, you are surrounded by comfort and care. Designed, styled, and outfitted to the highest specifications, this Airbus A318-100 jet accommodates just 28 passengers and four expedition leaders.

     Each row on board is two-seats, aisle, and two seats, so you’re always close to a window. Your seat, with an adjustable foot rest, converts easily to a six-foot-long flat bed, should a nap be in order.

     To satisfy your hunger for knowledge, expedition leaders are on hand for informational presentations, insights, and Q&A. They travel with you throughout the journey, sometimes conducting on-board lectures. Knowledgeable local guides, town officials, and honored guests pepper the journey with intriguing insights.

     Yet another perk you get traveling by private jet: the total absence of hassle. The old rules no longer apply. Borders? What borders? Clear customs (your baggage, too) with the wave of a hand. Airport lines? Boarding passes? Tardy flight crews? Inflexible commercial air routes? Don’t know what you mean. Security, on the other hand, meets the very strictest requirements.

     Plane, deplane. So elegantly simple.


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