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Our Specialties

Custom Journeys. Created for only you, you and your lover, or you and your seven aunts who own the waterfront house on Nantucket. We create these journeys with an uncommon degree of sensitivity to human nature (yours). Tell us your ideas, and we’ll add our own. We plan your itinerary, book your hotels, handpick terrific guides, and organize the logistics. We maximize your time, whether that means doing a hands-on activity or kicking back at a corner café. We whisk you off to interesting sites, to meet interesting characters, to break out of the everyday. These journeys are defined by the richness of Crusoe’s collective imagination and our deep professionalism.

Special Interest Groups. R. Crusoe has planned journeys for many groups whose members share common interests. We thrive on creating journeys that focus on specific goals and interests of organizations and members alike. We develop exclusive, otherwise-out-of-reach activities that add to the value of being a member of that group.

Music, art, and nonprofit organizations. On our Special Interest tours, orchestra patrons have bonded with their musicians across the globe. Foodies and wine lovers have gathered at some our favorite spots. Art and architecture lovers have enjoyed special access to museums and historic sites.

Business associations. We’ve helped associations create experiences for their members to better understand local economies and the cultures in which they function.

Incentives. Enlightened execs have said “thank you” to their MVPs with Crusoe journeys filled with celebratory experiences.

Hosted Journeys. Lead by a person in the know, these journeys offer both unprecedented behind-the-scenes opportunities and limited group sizes (usually 24 or fewer travelers). Some examples? A noted author and authority on Asian culture, a local naturalist, a documentarian and wildlife photographer—all experts with whom we love to travel. R. Crusoe also develops curator-led journeys for the Art Institute of Chicago.

Traveling Together. R. Crusoe has planned journeys for groups sized from 1 to 90 travelers. Often a couple travels with us. But the configuration of traveler groups is as individual as our journeys themselves. Here are some examples:

Multigenerational Travel. Some call this “family travel,” which it is. But what’s key is that it’s travel for your family… unless you want to invite other families along. Some grandparents take their kids and grandkids… others grandparents skip the kids and take the grandchildren instead. It’s your call.

Friends. Crusoe has planned many journeys for two couples traveling together. Sometimes these foursomes grow into groups of six or eight. Excellent—the more the merrier. Sometimes it’s a clutch of college friends. Neighbors travel together. So do reading group members…

Rivers, Rails, & Oceans. All manner of boats cruise the globe’s waterways. At Crusoe, we choose the best, employing strict criteria. There are marvelous corners of the world best seen by elegant ship or river cruiser. By barges that are a cut above the others. Same with trains (we’ve chosen the world’s finest). In each case, we offer custom pre- and post- touring to create a complete journey that is absolutely seamless.

Private Jet Journeys. These are innovative expeditions (many circumnavigating the globe) that minimize the friction of traveling from one remarkable and often remote place to the next. Hassle-free flights, boarding, and immigration. A stylish return to the Golden Age of Travel.


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