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Our Specialties

Just because you're traveling with a group doesn't mean that you don't want to go inside—behind the scenes—and experience the best of what a destination has to offer. In fact, being on a journey with like-minded travelers is often the best way to gain exclusive access to unique opportunities.

There’s also no reason why your group shouldn’t travel (very) well, enjoying the best guides, top hotels, wonderful restaurants, and thoughtful itineraries. At R. Crusoe & Son, we put our experience with prestigious groups to work to offer these types of luxury group tours:

Special Interest Groups.

We create journeys that focus on specific goals and interests of organizations and members alike. We develop otherwise-out-of-reach activities that add to the value of being a member of that group.

Music, art, and nonprofit organizations. Orchestra patrons have bonded with their musicians across the globe. Foodies and wine lovers have gathered at some our favorite spots. Art and architecture lovers have enjoyed special access to museums and historic sites.

Business associations. We’ve helped associations create experiences for their members to better understand local economies and the cultures in which they function.

Incentives. Enlightened execs have said “thank you” to their MVPs with Crusoe journeys filled with celebratory experiences.

Hosted Journeys.

Led by a person in the know, these journeys offer both unprecedented behind-the-scenes opportunities and limited group sizes (usually 24 or fewer travelers). Some examples? The company president, a noted author, a local naturalist, a chef—all experts with whom we love to travel.