By the early 1400s, Poland and Lithuania were united as one of medieval Europe’s most powerful empires, stretching from the Black Sea nearly to Moscow. In the 1700s, Russia, Prussia, and Austria partitioned Poland, and as a result Lithuania came under Russian control.

     Russia attempted to immerse the Lithuanians in Russian culture, but the Lithuanians would have none of it. Following World War I, Lithuania declared her independence—first in 1918, then again in 1990, when she became the very first occupied Soviet republic to break free from the Soviet Union. Since then, it has maintained a strong democracy, and today she has her first female president.

     The Lithuanians are a magnificently proud people—and a people you should really get to know.

     Head for the picturesque capital city, Vilnius, on the banks of the Neris and Vilnia rivers. The architecture within the medieval old city—a UNESCO World Heritage site—is among Eastern Europe’s finest.   

     Aside from Vilnius University (founded in 1579), we love the city’s museums, parks, castles, and churches.  There is also a vibrant contemporary art scene in town centered around the Uzupis neighborhood, which reminds us of Montmartre in Paris.

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Custom Journey

On the Amber Trail. Lithuania, Latvia, & Estonia.

Europe (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)

Season: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

Type: Custom Journeys

Mode: Land

We suggest an immediate departure to the Baltic Countries—Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia—to see firsthand just how fossilized tree resin did its part of change European history. Start in Vilnius, Lithuania, a UNESCO World Heritage site. T...

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Custom Journey

Scandinavia & the Baltic Nations Aboard the Silver Spirit. unusual journeys.

Europe (Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden)

8 & 10 Day.

Season: May, June, July, August

Type: Ocean Cruising

Mode: Water

Get to know northern Europe on a cruise around Scandinavia and the the Baltic Nations. Our journeys take place aboard the elegant Silver Spirit, a member of the Silversea fleet of small ships. During your travels,  visit three UNESCO World Herit...

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