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Journey Reviews

From the mouths of Crusoe travelers.

R. Crusoe would like to share some feedback we received from our recent travelers. An occasional pat on the back is reasonable, isn’t it?

“An unbelievable journey. Trip of a lifetime. Beyond expectations!”

—Amy K., East Africa safari

"A spectacular trip in every possible way. Everything was seamless, so that we had nothing to do but to enjoy. Our guides were extraordinary, not only in their knowledge but in their personal passion for their countries and for imparting this to visitors. The level of service everywhere was outstanding. Every detail was provided for, and our needs were consistently anticipated in advance."

—Jo Ann S. & Scott L., Cambodia, Myanmar, & Laos

“A wonderful experience. The people at Singita were particularly great. Put it at the top of your recommended list. Kiran Chand really did a great job.

—Janine D., South Africa safari

“When our kids were middle-schoolers, we wanted to point them in the direction of high culture, to let them discover where art, music, and enlightened thought coalesced. But it had to be fun. So we took them to Italy."

—Dolores & Ron K.

"Most amazing about our Alaska trip? How close we came to the wildlife. And how we had each place to ourselves. I would only see this part of Alaska from a small ship. Otherwise you miss any intimacy with the wilderness."

—Nancy L.

“The trip of a lifetime with not enough adjectives to describe it. There were so many highlights: snorkeling off Lizard Island, helicoptering over Milford Sound, the jet-boat ride, wine tasting and lunch on Waiheke Island, the mussel boat tour and tasting, and on and on.” 

—Krystyna D., Australia & New Zealand

"Going with my niece and nephew to Peru—a bit out of our comfort zone—was just priceless. I really got to know them, and they me. The trip was too short, but our Peruvian memories will last forever."

—Holly G.

”Excellent trip. Everything went very well. The guides were great.”

—Lenore & Jeffrey F., Spain

"Understanding China is so critical for the next generation. It was important to give our teenage children the opportunity to experience it firsthand. You can read about China—but there's no substitute for seeing it in person, touching it and letting it touch you."

—Nancy & Mark V.

“Both guides were excellent in different ways. Ahmed was trained in Egyptology and very knowledgeable. Gheith was jovial and also knowledgeable in his way. He had his interpretations of history, but he always indicated what was opinion versus what the experts say. A highlight of the journey? Taking a custom tour with just the two of us was super. No waiting for the couple who needs to sleep in.”

—Linda E., Egypt & Jordan

“A fabulous journey. All of the travel was seamless.”

—Sue & Jim C., New Zealand 


—Deborah L., East Africa

“The tour highlights? It’s hard to choose, but generally speaking, we were highly impressed with all the guides’ knowledge, enthusiasm, and personality. Aside from the sightseeing, we learned a lot about the countries from the guides and their personal stories. Hoi An was very enjoyable—the town, the cooking class, and the lodging. The Nam Hai [hotel] was incredible. There is much to be said for the feeling of walking into a luxurious and inviting hotel (in every city) at the end of a long day of touring.” 

—Sherry & Paul B., China & Indochina 

“All was perfect and came together without a problem. This was truly the trip of a lifetime.” 

—Marcel G., East Africa

“Every detail was taken care of, and Sam and Kim, our local guides on Kilimanjaro, were wonderful—articulate, knowledgeable, and very organized. In Lewa, Kip and Legei were absolutely fantastic guides, articulate, knowledgeable, and willing to discuss everything. The trip was so great, there was no way to improve it except to stay longer!” 

—Sally B., East Africa

“Singita was a six-star in every way. We saw the Big Five [lions, leopards, buffalo, elephants, and rhinos] both days there. Cape Town was spectacular, and Mark, our guide, made it happen.” 

—Sharon & Howard P., South Africa