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An association of international hoteliers, IHG Owners Association first approached R. Crusoe in 2003 about designing a tour for their members, who own and operate more than 3,300 hotels in the United States and Canada.

     Imagine creating a tour for discerning executives in the travel industry.

    Eva Ferguson, president of the organization at that time, heard about R. Crusoe through a board member. She ultimately chose to use us because, she says, R. Crusoe “had by far the most experience, and they had the ability to price the trips correctly. We were looking for a company that could offer something more than what we could put together ourselves. R. Crusoe could do that. We wanted to incorporate things into this trip that were more unique and unusual than what we might otherwise do.”

     R. Crusoe rose to the challenge, creating an 11-day journey to Eastern Europe—Budapest, Vienna, and Prague—that was filled with out-of-the-ordinary experiences, plenty of options, and a bit of time to relax.

     The next year, the IGHOA asked Crusoe to plan another tour, this one to Italy. And so we did—to Venice, Florence, Siena, and Rome. Once again, Crusoe struck the right balance between sightseeing and socializing. We’re happy to report that Italy was a popular and much-loved trip.

     The association then focused on Asia. Crusoe’s extensive contacts in China, and the inroads we’d already made there, meant that we could create an IHGOA journey brimming with special features. Over the course of 14 days, the members made a thrilling sweep of China.

     “One of the high points,” recalls Eva, “was stepping inside a private [Hutong] house in Beijing. We had tea with the people that lived there, which was amazing. It was a particularly telling moment, a chance to really understand how they lived.”

     In Xian, IHGOA members came face-to-face with the ancient terracotta warriors, accompanied by the excavation site’s lead archaeologist. The members were amazed, says Eva. “Not just anyone could go down into those pits.”

     And after getting a taste for bustling Hong Kong, they entered a monastery to meet the resident monks.

     Again, the journey earned rave reviews.

     More recent trips have included a small-ship cruise to Greece and Turkey, a safari to Southern Africa, Scotland, and a special return trip to Italy. The Galapagos Islands and Australia are up next!



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