One part steaming watering holes, one part rumbling volcanoes, one part lava fields, one part capital city that’s known as the cleanest, greenest, and safest in the world. Where are we?

     Iceland, of course.

     The capital, Reykjavik, was founded by the Norseman Ingolfur Arnarson in A.D. 870. It’s said that he chose the location of his settlement using a traditional Viking method: he cast two wooden poles overboard and settled where the pillars floated ashore.

     In spite of Iceland’s northern location (at the juncture of the Atlantic and Arctic oceans), it benefits from being in the Gulf Stream, which moderates temperatures so that summer months usually hover in the 50s Fahrenheit.

     Come to Iceland for her wide-open spaces. Her history and her island culture. Her magnificent scenery (volcanoes, green valleys, fjords, black sand beaches, and roaring rivers). Her geothermal delights (naturally heated lakes and pools, perfect for a soak), and her quirky capital city.

     You won’t be disappointed.

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Custom Journey

Iceland: Europe’s Splendid Dichotomy.

Europe (Iceland)

Type: Custom Journeys

Mode: Land

Iceland: 63 percent tundra, 14 percent glaciers, 100 percent gorgeous.

     Lest you think you’re heading to a backwater, consider, please, that this island nation ranks first in the world for median wealth and se...

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Set Departure

Private Jet: Northern Summer. June 2019.

Europe, Asia (Iceland, Japan, Mongolia, Norway, Russia, Greenland)

Dates: 28 June 2019

Type: Private Jet Journeys / Set Departure

Mode: Air

Come explore the planet's northern reaches on an exceptional and unusual Private Jet Journey. Taking advantage of nearly round-the-clock sunlight in much of the region, we hit the highlights in Japan, Mongolia, Russia, Norway, Iceland, and Greenla...

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