France from the inside out.

Lynne and Kay love to travel, and they’ve done so with R. Crusoe on several occasions. This time, they called Rebecca Wright, our Europe specialist, about a journey to France—Bordeaux, the Dordogne, the Loire Valley, and Paris.

    “Rebecca was perfect,” says Lynne. “She is so responsive, and she picked up quickly on what we really wanted to do.”

    In no time, the journey became a reality, and Lynne and Kay were off to France for two weeks in late spring.

    They began with a bit of time in Bordeaux, tasting wine and touring.

    Into the Dordogne, next, with a specific goal in mind: to get inside the region’s prehistoric caves. Rebecca arranged those visits as well as a private tour of the Museum of Prehistory in Les Eyzies led by an expert in prehistoric culture.

    Then Lynne and Kay took some on-site history lessons at the most interesting châteaux in the scenic Loire Valley.

    The journey ended with five days in and around Paris, including a day-trip to Versailles and Giverny.

    “We had high expectations,” says Lynne, “because we've traveled with R. Crusoe before. Every expectation was met and exceeded.” Adds Kay, “the trip was superb, which is what we’ve come to expect from R. Crusoe.”

    They had a particularly wonderful experience with Lucile, their guide and driver in Bordeaux and the Dordogne.

    Here’s a recap in Lynne’s own words:

    “All the guides you provided for us were excellent, but Lucile really stood apart.” On a day they were supposed to tour a garden, “the rain was steady and heavy... a picnic and stroll were out of the question. Lucile instead took us to a beautiful abbey, and we had a very special time there.

    “We were almost alone in the abbey, we had a charming lunch in a little restaurant nearby, and as a bonus we enjoyed watching preparations for a wedding in the abbey church. It turned out to be one of the most pleasant days of our trip.

    “But the very best was the arrangements Lucille made to get us into the Font-de-Gaume cave. Tickets can only be purchased on the day of the tour. Lucile got us there in time to be second in line. It was a cold, windy day, and she insisted we stay in the car while she stood in line.

    “She was able to get us English-language tour tickets. The cave was the highlight of our trip. And Lucile had brought us a tailgate picnic breakfast with little cakes she had made. We had an absolutely perfect day.

    “Kay joins me in saying we will never forget our trip.”


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