13 Feb 2020
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An “X” is but a kiss.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, here’s a bit of trivia. We hope it warms the heart of your beloved.

We’ve always wondered how an “X” has come to represent a kiss, especially in the sign-off of a handwritten letter (remember those?) or a Valentine’s Day card. It seems that in the early days of Christianity, an “X” represented a cross. “X meant Christ… and so it meant faith and fidelity,” says Marcel Danesi, University of Toronto professor of linguistic anthropology and semiotics. “We still see it on churches from medieval times.”

During the Middle Ages, an “X” was used to sign important documents by the (mostly illiterate) masses. The author would then kiss the mark, a sign of his or her oath.

The gesture grew popular among both royalty and commoners. An “X” certified important documents and books, which were then said to have been “sealed with a kiss.”

Here’s hoping you seal your Valentine’s Day with an X of your own.

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