11 Oct 2017
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On the water front.

If you’ve been thinking about chartering a luxurious barge to ply France’s most magnificent canals, allow us to dangle this carrot:

Charter either the Amaryllis or the Fleur de Lys, our most popular barges, in April, July, or August 2018, and two of your passengers travel for free. This translates to savings of up to $14,250. But you must book your charter with us by 3 November 2017 to take advantage of this special offer.

Here’s how it works. Charter the Fleur de Lys, which sleeps six people, and pay for only a four-passenger charter. This barge travels through Burgundy and Franche-Comté wine country. Three stateroom suites each have a canopied bed and an en-suite bathroom with tub. The richly furnished salon and dining room have large windows. A grand piano, library area, and heated plunge pool add the finishing touches. Six crewmembers are at your disposal. WiFi and bicycles are available. A minivan takes you on daily local excursions.

Alternatively, charter the Amaryllis, which sleeps eight, and pay for only a six-passenger charter. This barge also cruises through Burgundy and Franche-Comté. She exudes sophistication from her Nobilis and Nina Campbell fabrics to her Christofle flatware. To top it all off, she has a heated pool and a canopied deck perfect for al fresco dining. Her four cabins all have en-suite marble bathrooms. WiFi and bikes are available. Six crewmembers accompany you, and a minivan takes you on daily excursion.

Have a bigger group to accommodate? Consider booking these sister barges together.

Irresistible, right? If this appeals to you, don’t wait to book. We expect these dates to go fast. Contact Mariana Tosic right away at mtosic@rcrusoe.com or 888-490-8008.

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Edward Loftspring on 10-26-17

What is the cost for the 8 person cruis and what does it include?

Thank you

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