Viva Robinson Crusoe.

This week, the staff here at R. Crusoe celebrates the 300th “birthday” of our namesake, Robinson Crusoe. On April 25, 1719, Daniel Defoe published his novel, a fictitious autobiography of Mr. Crusoe, who leaves the safety of his comfortable home in England and goes to sea. In the Pacific, he is shipwrecked and, as the sole survivor of the drama, he washes ashore on a remote tropical island. After 28 years of unusual encounters and experiences, he is rescued.

When the book was published, it became a hit—so popular, in fact, that within its first year, it ran through four editions. Even today, Defoe’s The Life and Strange Adventure of Robinson Crusoe remains one of the world’s most widely read novels.

Why? Well, who doesn’t love an adventure, and even more, an adventurer who uses his wits to survive and uses his survival as an opportunity to see the world in a new light?

Is a bit of adventure missing from your daily life? If so, consider traveling with R. Crusoe. We don’t promise you’ll become a castaway, but we do guarantee an unusual journey that’ll leave you with a lifetime of memories.

Let’s talk travel. All it takes is a call to 888-490-8046 or an email to

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