26 Nov 2019
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Stop. Look. Listen. Love.

We know, we know—in this weekly email, we usually coax you off your couch, out the door, and onto the road. That’s because, just like all of us, you love to travel.

But come the holidays—with Thanksgiving at the top of that list—we urge you to get where you’re going, and stay put. If you’re hosting at home, open your door to your guests, and kick back.


Take the time to enjoy family and friends gathered around you.

Put down your phone, ignore your Instagram feed. Turn off the computer and the television. Stop and reconnect with your loved ones young and old. Here’s your chance to recognize all the goodness that fills your life.

So hug your grandchildren. Raise a glass to your parents, and celebrate your kids for going after their dreams. Thank your friends old and new, and know they’ve got your back and you’ve got theirs.

Happy Thanksgiving to all from your great admirers at R. Crusoe & Son.

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