23 Aug 2018
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Salt cure.

If you’ve been to Spain, chances are you’ve indulged in jamón ibérico—the delicious local ham that is salty but not overbearingly so, dried yet soft, with a nutty, delicate flavor.

It might just be time to return to Spain to taste “the ham of the sea,” mojama, Spanish salt-cured tuna. Made primarily in Barbate, a coastal town in southwest Spain and the nation’s tuna capital, it can be found on menus across the nation.

To become mojama, fresh tuna loin is cured for two days in salt, then sun-dried for at least 20 days. Thinly sliced and delightfully firm, it is ideal for tapas, enjoyed in Madrid at lunchtime on tiny pieces of bread drizzle with olive oil and served with a short beer.

Since mojama has an intense flavor, chefs often pair it with other ingredients, including chopped tomatoes, almonds, pasta, or eggs.

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Frank Alcaraz on 08-23-18

Would like info for Caribbean trip starting 27th 0r 28th Dec for 8-10 days.

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