6 Dec 2017
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Romulus and Remus redux.

Since ancient times, the city of Rome has been strongly associated with a she-wolf who suckled Romulus and Remus, founders of Italy’s City on Seven Hills.

If you’re not familiar with the legend of the brothers’ birth, their rescue by the wolf Rhea Silvia, and their founding of Rome, you might enjoy reading this.

On the Wolves-in-Rome front, there’s late-breaking news: The animals that were part of the city’s mythology have recently been found around Rome, after an absence of 100 years or so. Centuries ago, wolf packs were common in and around Rome, but their numbers suffered terribly after years of overhunting. In 1971, the Italian government gave the wolf protective status.

This autumn, two wolf pups were spotted in a wild bird sanctuary very close to the city’s international airport. The lupine parents, Numas and Aurelia, have been roaming here since at least 2016. Once, there were just the two of them; now there are four. According to scientists tracking the family, they enjoy a healthy diet of wild boar, which also inhabit the preserve.

Seems the wolves have good taste.

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