R. Crusoe in Vietnam.

This coming Monday, 10 February, Crusoe Managing Director Brett Cumberland and his wife, Anna, will be in Hanoi, Vietnam, to greet a small group of Crusoe travelers. They are joined by co-hosts Chef Thai Deng and his wife, Danielle, founders of HaiSous Vietnamese Kitchen.

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This promises to be a phenomenal adventure. As the late, great Anthony Bourdain taught us, the way to a country’s soul is through its cuisine.

Together, the group explores Vietnam’s two most important cities, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, as well as other outstanding cultural sites.

Huc Bridge, Hanoi Vietnam.

Working with chefs along the way, our travelers discover Vietnam way beneath the surface. They delve deep into the very character of local folks they meet along the way.

There are meals to cook. Dishes of all kinds (including regional Vietnamese dishes) to sample. Markets to peruse. And unique cocktails to mix under the discerning eye of Danielle Dang, mixologist extraordinaire.

The group spends its final day in Chef Thai’s village with his extended family and their friends. An incredible wrap-up to an amazing adventure.

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