11 Jan 2018
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Old meets new in Naples.

If you can shoehorn a visit to Italy into your schedule before the end of April, we suggest a visit to Naples to see “Pompeii at Madre: Archaeological Material,” an unusual exhibit at the Madre contemporary art museum. The show, which runs through April, puts rarely seen ruins excavated in nearby Pompeii in contemporary contexts within galleries and beside works by Sol LeWitt, Mimmo Paladino, Jeff Koons, Anish Kapoor, Andy Warhol, and other celebrated contemporary artists.

According to the Madre, the exhibition illustrates “the potential multiple relationships between archaeological heritage and artistic research, creating a dialogue between extraordinary but little-known and rarely displayed archaeological material from Pompeii and modern and contemporary artworks.”

This exhibition stands alongside a related show, “Materia Archeologica: The Collections,” which runs until 24 September 2018. Using artifacts, documents, and tools, it illustrates the history of excavation campaigns at Pompeii, beginning with the rediscovery of the site in 1748, nearly 1,700 years after Mount Vesuvius’s cataclysmic eruption.

A recent New York Times article points out that “Naples and Pompeii are themselves experiencing rebirths, adding an extra dimension to a show about the irrepressibility of Pompeian life. After decades of crime, Naples is moving forward as a home to film shoots, celebrity chefs, and contemporary art. The city’s streets brim with life, and its metro system is a contemporary art museum, with top-notch works strewn under the city.”

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