2 Apr 2020
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Hallowed halls.

Yes, we will travel again. But in the meantime, those of us at R. Crusoe & Son have been reflecting on, and sharing, our own travel memories, wishes, highlights, and more.

One of the subjects that came up: our personal favorite museums.

Crusoe staffers were all over the map (literally) on this one. One of us named the Churchill Museum and War Rooms in London. “I find the subject matter fascinating and the juxtaposition of the museum’s two parts really interesting—the original Cabinet War Rooms, where Churchill lived and worked, right next to some absolutely ultramodern technology used in the Churchill Museum section of the complex.”

Museums right here in Chicago were on many of our lists. “The Museum of Science and Industry is one of my favorites,” said another staffer. “I love how much history is wrapped up in the building itself. It was built in 1893 as the Columbian Exposition’s Palace of Fine Arts. Every time I go, I learn something new. It’s great to have such a piece of history right in your city.” Another staff member concurred. “The Museum of Science and Industry was magical the first time I visited as a small child, and it has never lost its magic for me.”

Several of us love the Art Institute of Chicago not only for its outstanding collections, but also for the building itself. “It’s great to see the permanent collection for old favorites as well as exemplary new collections covering all genres and mediums. And I love the lions.”

And another staffer named the Field Museum “because getting greeted by Sue the T. Rex is such a highlight. The rotating exhibits are fascinating, too, from the Vikings to the Egyptians to, of course, the dinosaurs.”

One of us loves the “very cool” City Museum of St. Louis. Its exhibits focus on repurposed architectural and industrial objects, and it stands in an old factory in the city’s loft district.

It’s no surprise that our Europe expert loves Rome’s Borghese Gallery. “It’s an absolute must that offers an oasis from the hustle and bustle of the big city and its other museums,” she explains. “There is a certain romanticism to the private collection of big names here—Titian, Rubens, Caravaggio… And I love sculpture, so the amazing Bernini masterpieces are a big draw for me.”

One of us grew up in New York and says the Metropolitan Museum is a hands-down favorite. “I was raised in a family that couldn’t afford international travel (we road-tripped through the U.S. and Canada instead), but the Met was a regular destination for us. Wandering through those enormous, packed halls opened up the world to me long before I had the privilege of traveling beyond the U.S. Seeing the mummies, the young me swore I’d get to Egypt one day (I have). Europe? It went on the list, too. So did Africa, Asia…”

Do you have a favorite museum, near or far? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Tell us which one and why in the comments.

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