It’s a family affair.

Time to take the family (extended or otherwise) abroad. R. Crusoe & Son has been creating journeys for families for years, and we do so with an eye toward ensuring quality time and unusual experiences for adults and children alike.

R. Crusoe recently sent the D. family on an exploration of Norway.

Ready to fall in love with your children (and grandchildren) all over again? We offer unusual journeys all over the globe that are perfect for multigenerational travel. Europe. South America. Asia. Africa… Have a particular destination in mind? By all means give us a call, and let’s exchange ideas.

To get you started, here are a few questions to ask yourself when considering a family journey:

  • How many adults and how many children are going? What are the ages of the children at the time of departure?
  • When is the family able to travel (consider school, camp, sports schedules for the children)?
  • Would all of you follow the same itinerary? Would it work for you to have some days with the whole group doing activities together, and some days splitting up?
  • Are you celebrating a special occasion?
  • Do the children have any particular interests or hobbies? Do the adults?
  • About how many hours per day would your group be comfortable touring or participating in an activity?
  • What is your preferred rooming configuration? Do you require any connecting rooms?
  • Many children need free time to expend extra energy. Is that a consideration for your family?
  • If a drive is necessary between locations, is there a maximum duration in a vehicle with which your group would be comfortable?
  • Would the adults among you enjoy time away from the children? Should we consider planning “adult time,” when the children are busy doing child-friendly activities?
  • Are there dietary restrictions among you? Health considerations?

For information about family travel, call us at 888-490-8046 or email us at

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