31 Oct 2019
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Double, double toil and trouble.

Since it’s the spookiest day of the year, we thought it appropriate to mention the Hill of Witches in the town of Juodkrante, on Lithuania’s Curonian Spit, the latter a UNESCO World Heritage site.

What do you find here on this oddly forested sand dune? Carved fairy tale creatures. Witches. Monsters, devils, dragons, and the like—characters from the most well-known legends and stories in Lithuania’s rich folklore.

In ancient times, the pagan Midsummer Eve was celebrated here. Each June, Lithuanians would congregate to dance, sing, and welcome the Midsummer, paying heed to the country’s oldest traditions.

Once Christianity took hold in Lithuania, the celebration was renamed St. Jonas’s Festival, but many of the practices still hold tight to their pagan roots, echoed by the fantastic world of the Hill of Witches.

You never know what you’ll find on the Hill. Artists continually add hand-carved sculptures to the collection.

Happy Halloween.

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