Day for night, 2020.

Were you around to catch the total solar eclipse visible over the United States in August 2017? If so, you know just how fascinating it is to experience darkness in daytime. The world around you falls eerily quiet. Birds stop singing. The wind is still. The fading sunlight takes on odd tints, and strange shadows loom.

If you did miss America’s last total eclipse, or if you’ve been bitten by the eclipse bug, here’s good news: In December 2020, you can catch a total eclipse in either Chile or Argentina. More good news: December is early summer in both countries. (There will also be an eclipse this July that’s viewable in Chile and Argentina, but that falls during winter in the Southern Hemisphere—not the best time to head down there.)

Allow us to help you plan a visit to see the eclipse on December 14, 2020 from Chile or Argentina. For the big event, you’ll find yourself in Argentina’s gorgeous Lakes District or in Valdivia, an historic university town in Chile.

For information, contact Jane Franklin at or call 888-490-8019.

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