16 May 2019
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Check your mailbox.

Around the end of this month, keep an eye out for the arrival of your copy of R. Crusoe & Son’s latest travel journal. Our idea book is filled with suggestions for destinations all over the globe.

We offer Custom Journeys created just for you and yours—no preset departure date, no going places based on other travelers’ wish lists. These adventures are meticulously crafted just for you and yours. Europe, Asia, South America, Africa… The world is yours for the asking.

Are you interested in joining a small group of like-minded sophisticated travelers for a journey led by a hand-picked host? In 2020, we offer a number of Hosted Journeys that combine irresistible destinations with people who know the place inside and out.

In the travel journal, read about upcoming Hosted Journeys, including one to East Africa.

In the travel journal, read about upcoming Hosted Journeys, including one that takes you on safari to East Africa.

Private Jet Journeys are another exceptional way to go. We have a number of them on offer. Think hassle-free globe-hopping of the highest order combined with outstanding hotels, remote destinations, remarkable experts, and smooth, seamless air travel.

Finally, think you might like to get out on the water? If so, consider Cruising Crusoe-style. Just because you’re traveling aboard a ship doesn’t mean your time on shore should be anything less than spectacular. Allow us to customize your cruise to your exact wishes.

If you don’t receive your travel journal soon, let us know. And if you have questions, suggestions, or whatnot, we love to talk travel. Give us a call at 888-490-8046 or email info@rcrusoe.com.

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