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31 Oct 2019
Posted in Culture, History, Tidbits & trivia, UNESCO sites

Double, double toil and trouble.

Since it’s the spookiest day of the year, we thought it appropriate to mention the Hill of Witches in the town of Juodkrante, on Lithuania’s Curonian Spit, the latter a UNESCO World Heritage site.

What do you find here on this oddly forested sand dune? Carved fairy tale creatures. Witches. Monsters, devils, dragons, and the ... Read More >

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3 Oct 2019
Posted in Architecture, UNESCO sites

Pskov resurrected.

Earlier this year, UNESCO added a number of sites to its World Heritage list. Among them are churches by the Pskov School of Architecture.

These 17 unique churches are located in the historic city of Pskov on the banks of the Velikaya River in west Russia, near the Estonia border. The town is known for, ... Read More >

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