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It’s a family affair.

Time to take the family (extended or otherwise) abroad. R. Crusoe & Son has been creating journeys for families for years, and we do so with an eye toward ensuring quality time and unusual experiences for adults and children alike.

R. Crusoe recently sent the D. family on an exploration of Norway.

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How to do the Italian cheek kiss.

A recent edition of The Local.com, an English-language online news magazine, explained the rules of cheek-buzzing in Italy. Take a lesson…

“In general,” writes author Cartherine Edwards, “Italians are more touchy-feely than their more northern neighbors, and kissing as a greeting has a long history in Italy. The Ancient Romans are credited with spreading ... Read More >

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16 May 2019
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Check your mailbox.

Around the end of this month, keep an eye out for the arrival of your copy of R. Crusoe & Son’s latest travel journal. Our idea book is filled with suggestions for destinations all over the globe.

We offer Custom Journeys created just for you and yours—no preset departure date, no going places based on other ... Read More >

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9 May 2019
Posted in News, Travel tips & essentials

Tanzania’s bag ban.

Are you heading to East Africa anytime soon? If so, and if your plans include time in Tanzania, here’s something important to keep in mind: Come June 1, 2019, the Tanzanian government will ban the production, importation, sale, and use of all single-use plastic bags  to help reduce pollution from non-biodegradable waste.

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Learning to tell Rio time.

Here’s a tip for your next visit to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. If you arrive at a social gathering on time, you’re making a grave faux pas. The Cariocas (Rio locals) operate on Life’s-a-Beach Time, and their famously relaxed approach has earned them the status as the Very Least Punctual of All Brazilians.

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Tourist visas can be tricky.

Some foreign countries require American citizens to have two blank visa pages in their passports in order to enter. South Africa is one example. According to the South African Department of Home Affairs, visitors from the United States applying for an entry visa “must have at least TWO unused page for entry/departure endorsements.”

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When food shopping gets fun.

Not every meal need be taken at the table. One of our favorite rituals in Europe—especially in the brilliant summer sun—is the picnic lunch. It’s perfect not only in the countryside, but also smack dab in your favorite park in London or Nice or Budapest. And perhaps the best part of picnicking is doing the ... Read More >

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New beauty on the Amazon.

If pink dolphins, pirañhas, and giant lily pads are on your bucket list, take note: R. Crusoe’s partner on the Amazon, Delfin Cruises, has just christened an exceptional new riverboat, and to celebrate, we have a very special offer:

By 30 May 2017, book a select departure in June, July, August, September, November, or December 2017 ... Read More >

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Ideas for the well-traveled.

Here are some creative, useful ideas for the well-traveled. Consider these suggestions for booking air, packing, flying, and making life easy at your destinations.

1. Shopping the Internet for airfares? Travel sites generally monitor your searches and will increase their prices if it looks like you are interested. To foil this strategy, before you book your ... Read More >

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1 Jun 2016
Posted in Travel tips & essentials

Why get a second passport?

The U.S. Passport Office is now issuing second passports with four-year rather than two-year validity. Holding a second passport is beneficial for those who travel abroad frequently, since it allows travelers to keep one passport with them as they travel, while the second passport is at a consulate awaiting the processing of a visa request.

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