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27 Feb 2020
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Earlier early man.

Researchers recently reported that a skull found in Greece in the 1970s might represent the oldest Homo sapien fossil ever found outside Africa. The bone fragment, encased in rock, was from an individual who lived at least 210,000 years ago. This fossil evidence means that H. sapiens inhabited Europe more than 160,000 years earlier than ... Read More >

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16 Jan 2020
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Headed our way?

The New York Times has just come out with its annual “52 Places to Go.” This year, among the top 20 destinations are nine we adore. Have a look, then give us a call at 888-490-8046 (or email info@rcrusoe.com) and let’s start planning.

Kimberley Region, Australia. Australia’s last frontier and the least visited ... Read More >

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Perfect sight in 2020.

As you feisty travelers bid adieu to 2019 and welcome a new decade, your faithful friends at R. Crusoe & Son wish you all the best—at home and on the road. It’s 2020. Allow Crusoe travel experts to share our clear vision of out-of-this-world 2020 travel with you.

We know you love adventures away from ... Read More >

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7 Nov 2019
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Where in the world…

Condé Nast Traveler recently published its annual Readers’ Choice Awards.

Who doesn’t enjoy a good list?

Traveler asked its readers to name their favorite countries to visit. Here are the top 20 in descending order of popularity:

Indonesia Thailand Portugal Sri Lanka South Africa Peru Greece Philippines Italy Vietnam Turkey Japan Mexico Tanzania Israel Colombia New Zealand Ireland Cambodia Read More > Read More >

Hungary for more.

Varosliget Park in Budapest, Hungary, was created in the early 19th century. “Little City Forest,” as the name translates, was one of the world’s first public parks. In recent years, though, the place had gotten a little tired. So the Hungarian government decided a spruce-up was in order.

And what a sprucing it has ... Read More >

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Night owls, take note.

India’s tourism and culture minister has said that soon the Taj Mahal in Agra, India, will remain open after sunset for all interested visitors. As of now, access to the monument is restricted to daytime hours plus entry on only five nights each month—the night of the full moon and the two nights ... Read More >

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Here comes the Super Bowl.

It’s just around the corner: Super Bowl LIV will be played in Hard Rock Stadium in Miami on February 2, 2020. Miami will become the first city to host the event a whopping 11 times. Not a surprise, since the city is a popular travel destination and is sure to provide an incredible Super ... Read More >

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14 Aug 2019
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Don’t sit down.

It seems the city government of Rome no longer wants people plunking themselves down on the Spanish Steps. This week, it announced that the historic steps are not to be used by the public as seats, though for generations they have attracted those looking to rest, have a nibble, or sip a cold ... Read More >

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16 May 2019
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Check your mailbox.

Around the end of this month, keep an eye out for the arrival of your copy of R. Crusoe & Son’s latest travel journal. Our idea book is filled with suggestions for destinations all over the globe.

We offer Custom Journeys created just for you and yours—no preset departure date, no going places based on other ... Read More >

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9 May 2019
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Tanzania’s bag ban.

Are you heading to East Africa anytime soon? If so, and if your plans include time in Tanzania, here’s something important to keep in mind: Come June 1, 2019, the Tanzanian government will ban the production, importation, sale, and use of all single-use plastic bags  to help reduce pollution from non-biodegradable waste.

Tanzania is ... Read More >

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