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Go native.

Though many of us appreciate the comforts of a Western-style hotel when we travel abroad, there’s a sound argument for choosing the local version of a great hotel. For one, staying in a traditional or historic property invites you to experience a bit of the culture and customs that surround you.

Two examples? In Morocco, ... Read More >

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25 Apr 2019
Posted in Culture, Food & Beverage

Dragon Well, the caviar of teas.

Fan Shenghua, 58, is a master tea-maker in the West Lake area of Hangzhou, China. From his father and grandfather, he learned the traditional method of producing China’s finest green tea, Dragon Well, which is cultivated on hillsides around his home village.

Dragon Well, also known as Longjing tea, was granted the status of ... Read More >

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28 Mar 2019
Posted in Culture, Tidbits & trivia, Travel with us

China’s Rapunzels.

In the traditional village in Huangluo, north of Guilin, China, you’ll see something unusual among the inhabitants. The women here, members of the ethnic Yao minority, follow a custom that’s been passed down for two millennia: They cut their hair only once in their lives, just before they marry.

Believed by the Yao to symbolize ... Read More >

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21 Feb 2019
Posted in Culture, Food & Beverage

Edible joy.

Who doesn’t love dumplings?

Gyoza. Momos. Kreplach. Manti. Pelmeni. Ravioli. Jiaozi. Almost every nation in which we’ve chowed down has its own irresistible version.

Today, we focus on Poland’s dumpling, the delightful pierogi. A thin wrapper of unleavened noodle dough surrounds a savory or sweet filling, and the whole delicious package is cooked in boiling water ... Read More >

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Learning to tell Rio time.

Here’s a tip for your next visit to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. If you arrive at a social gathering on time, you’re making a grave faux pas. The Cariocas (Rio locals) operate on Life’s-a-Beach Time, and their famously relaxed approach has earned them the status as the Very Least Punctual of All Brazilians.

Jaqueline ... Read More >

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31 Jan 2019
Posted in Culture, History

Huldufolk are hard to find.

We’d like to introduce you to Iceland’s Huldufolk, the Hidden People (invisible small, humanlike creatures with pointy ears) that have been a part of folklore, and day-to-day Icelandic life, since the island nation was first settled.

In such a magical landscape, who wouldn’t believe in invisible elves?

Why hidden? One local legend reaches back ... Read More >

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Budapest: Fine Art reimagined.

Don’t overlook Budapest’s outstanding Fine Arts Museum.

If you need a reason to get to Hungary this year (and there are plenty of them), we’ve got a doozy: After nearly four years of renovation, the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest has recently reopened. This museum, on Heroes’ Square, is an anchor of ... Read More >

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10 Jan 2019
Posted in Architecture, Art, Culture, History, Theatre

Spotlight on Verona.

Verona, Italy, is a city of layers, where ancient Romans, medieval nobles, Venetian signori, Napoléon, and Austrian Hapsburgs have woven a rich tapestry of art, architecture, and much more. From its historic center to the banks of the Adige River, this is at once a bustling, modern northern Italian city and a living testament ... Read More >

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So Hvar, so good.

This year, Europe’s oldest public theater is scheduled to reopen on the sunny island of Hvar, Croatia.

The island of Hvar is full of historic sites. A newly-reopened 400-year-old public theater is just one of them. Croatia.

Way back in 1612, the Continent’s first public theater opened its doors on the main square of ... Read More >

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What’s cooking in Hong Kong.

Our good friend, Chef Thai Dang, and his wife, mixologist par excellence Danielle Dang, founders of Chicago’s HaiSous Vietnamese Kitchen—head to Hong Kong and Macao in late February 2019, and they invite you to come along.

On this five-day journey, the Dangs will run a pop-up version of their Chicago restaurant, HaiSous Vietnamese Kitchen, at ... Read More >

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