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Shoguns & Geishas.

If Japan is on your bucket list—or if you’d like to travel with Crusoe President Brett Cumberland by your side—dust off your passport. With this email, we announce the President’s Trip: Japan Revealed. A Hosted Journey with Brett and his wife, Anna.

This 12-day tour departs March 31, 2020.

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Spain’s crown jewel turns 200.

In the early 1800s, King Ferdinand VI of Spain wanted his subjects to admire his rich art collection, so he deposited much of it in the Prado (which was founded in the 1780s as a natural science museum). It opened as a public art museum two centuries ago, in 1819.

The Prado’s majestic ... Read More >

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Budapest: Fine Art reimagined.

Don’t overlook Budapest’s outstanding Fine Arts Museum.

If you need a reason to get to Hungary this year (and there are plenty of them), we’ve got a doozy: After nearly four years of renovation, the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest has recently reopened. This museum, on Heroes’ Square, is an anchor of ... Read More >

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10 Jan 2019
Posted in Architecture, Art, Culture, History, Theatre

Spotlight on Verona.

Verona, Italy, is a city of layers, where ancient Romans, medieval nobles, Venetian signori, Napoléon, and Austrian Hapsburgs have woven a rich tapestry of art, architecture, and much more. From its historic center to the banks of the Adige River, this is at once a bustling, modern northern Italian city and a living testament ... Read More >

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So Hvar, so good.

This year, Europe’s oldest public theater is scheduled to reopen on the sunny island of Hvar, Croatia.

The island of Hvar is full of historic sites. A newly-reopened 400-year-old public theater is just one of them. Croatia.

Way back in 1612, the Continent’s first public theater opened its doors on the main square of ... Read More >

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1 Nov 2018
Posted in Art, Events & Coming Attractions, News

Watching “The Night Watch.”

Ever been curious to see how fine-art conservationists do their work? Here’s your chance: “The Night Watch,” Rembrandt’s outsized masterpiece, will soon begin restoration at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, and the public will be invited to watch the process, both up close in the gallery and via the Internet as the work is live-streamed.

Completed ... Read More >

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4 Oct 2018
Posted in Archaeology, Art, Culture, News

A tomb opens…and more.

More than 80 years ago, Egyptologist Zaki Saad discovered an intact tomb near Giza, Egypt, home of the Great Pyramids. Since the discovery, the tomb has been closed to the public for restoration work.

Near the home of the Great Pyramids is the tomb of Mehu in Sakkara, Egypt.

The work now completed, this ... Read More >

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Spotlight on Vienna.

In the 1995 Richard Linklater film “Before Sunrise,” Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy flirt and philosophize as they wander the cobblestone streets of afterhours Vienna. The film essentially features the city of Vienna as a third main character.

We suggest you watch “Before Sunrise,” fall in love with Vienna, then allow R. Crusoe to start ... Read More >

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The Uffizi gets a makeover.

Three of Leonardo da Vinci’s greatest masterpieces, which until this week were scattered around Florence’s Uffizi Gallery, are now on display together in a room dedicated exclusively to the Renaissance genius.

The three paintings—the recently restored “Adoration of the Magi,” “The Annunciation,” and “The Baptism of Christ” (which da Vinci painted with Verrocchio)—are now displayed ... Read More >

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14 Jun 2018
Posted in Art, Events & Coming Attractions

Tintoretto at home again.

Five hundred years ago, the painter Jacopo “Tintoretto” Comin was born in Venice. Drawing on the 16th-century Mannerist movement in Europe, he introduced asymmetry and subtle stylistic distortion into his compositions. But as a lover of his native city, he also embraced the techniques of the Venetian School, foremost the use of contrasting rich colors. ... Read More >

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