20 Mar 2020
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From Brett Cumberland.

Dear R. Crusoe & Son Family of Travelers:

As president of this remarkable company, I am moved by the generous outpouring of concern and kindness expressed by you, our loyal travelers. And I am equally heartened by the willingness of the Crusoe staff to rise, without hesitation, to the challenges of the current world situation. A heartfelt thank you to one and all.

Together, we are resilient, and as one we will find our footing forward. Those of us who have spent years in the international travel business know that our work is often affected by global developments, and we have weathered tough times and unpredictable challenges before.

Please know that our company will survive the COVID-19 pandemic, and we will find our way back to creating amazing travel opportunities for you.

In the meantime, R. Crusoe staff members are working remotely and keeping in close contact with one another—as any family does. We’re also in frequent communication with our overseas partners.

Chin up. Stay safe, be well, and take good care of your loved ones.

Brett Cumberland

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Jody Pratt on 03-20-20

I worked at R. Crusoe for several years (I created your brochures from 2003-2006) and the Crusoe crew was one of the first thoughts I had as the world was forced to close its doors. I worked in travel marketing for many years and R. Crusoe was not only the coolest among them (I still describe you to people as makers of dream vacations), but also the most well run and nimble. While it is a sad reality that many travel providers may not survive these times, my faith in R. Crusoe to make their way through this is solid.

Over thirteen years later, as I sit on my back porch with three children who have very likely finished their school year without even realizing it and a moot calendar reminder that we were supposed to fly to Roatan for a spring break scuba vacation tomorrow morning, it is the thought of someday traveling again that keeps my spirits up. I always tell people that to understand me is to know that I live from trip to trip. It’s that glimmer of the next adventure on the horizon that keeps the joy in my step. Nobody knows how long we’ll have to be grounded, but until then, know that I’m dreaming of all the unusual journeys we’ll all take in the future -and may that future be near!

Stay healthy and keep dreaming!
Jody Pratt
Washington, DC

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