8 Feb 2018
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Barging made simple.

Typically, barging in backcountry France requires chartering an entire barge for a week. The elegant barges we use are small, sleeping between four and 12 passengers, but even they can present a problem for a couple traveling alone.

We’ve got a great solution for those couples. Belmond, our barging partner in France, is offering R. Crusoe travelers the unique opportunity to book one double cabin—rather than charter a full barge—at the very special price of $8,530 per person. This applies to specific departure dates aboard three excellent Belmond barges: the Amaryllis, the Lilas, and the Pivoine. Note that you must book by 15 March 2018.

The Amaryllis cruises through legendary Burgundy and the Franche-Comté wine country; the Lilas winds through picturesque Alsace; and the Pivoine plies the waterways of gorgeous Champagne-Ardenne.

This special offer applies to these departures only:

• 29 July & 19 August 2018 aboard the Amaryllis

• 15 July & 26 August 2018 aboard the Lilas

• 12 August 2018 aboard the Pivoine

If you are a single traveler, give us a call, and let’s talk.

Interested in booking a cabin aboard a barge this summer? Act fast: This offer is unusual—and unusually good. For more information or to book, contact R. Crusoe at info@rcrusoe.com or call 888-490-8046.

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