Aim high: 2020 Summer Games

You probably know that the Summer Games will be held in July and August 2020 in Tokyo, Japan. But did you know that R. Crusoe & Son’s travel partner, Roadtrips, offers bespoke tours to the world’s great sports events? Among them, of course, is the 2020 Summer Games. If you’d like to attend the Games, give us a call, and we can connect you to the appropriate person at Roadtrips to create a dream tour focused on the Games, with insider entree around the great city of Tokyo.

If you are planning to head to Tokyo in 2020, consider extending your tour beyond Japan. R. Crusoe can do that for you, and we’ll create a seamless pre- or post-tour to China, Indochina, or elsewhere in Asia according to your exact wishes.

To find out more about attending the 2020 Summer Games, call R. Crusoe at 888-490-8046 or email

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