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Keep your hands (and minds) busy.

While we’re still practicing social distancing and homebound isolation, turn off the television. Instead, consider how you might use your time to keep in touch with family and friends.

Here’s an idea: create a puzzle purse.

Puzzle purses are square pieces of paper folded into envelope-like packets. The creased paper is collapsed upon itself to form a ... Read More >

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2 Apr 2020
Posted in From the R. Crusoe team

Hallowed halls.

Yes, we will travel again. But in the meantime, those of us at R. Crusoe & Son have been reflecting on, and sharing, our own travel memories, wishes, highlights, and more.

One of the subjects that came up: our personal favorite museums.

Crusoe staffers were all over the map (literally) on this one. One of us named ... Read More >

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26 Mar 2020
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So you thought.

We hope you’re at home, trying to stay safe and healthy, attempting to work remotely.

Are you trying not to binge-watch absolutely every episode of everything you love on TV?

Does your brain need a break? If so, we’ve found an interesting website that lists today’s most common misconceptions.

Here are a few selections that we found ... Read More >

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20 Mar 2020
Posted in From the R. Crusoe team

From Brett Cumberland.

Dear R. Crusoe & Son Family of Travelers:

As president of this remarkable company, I am moved by the generous outpouring of concern and kindness expressed by you, our loyal travelers. And I am equally heartened by the willingness of the Crusoe staff to rise, without hesitation, to the challenges of the current world situation. A ... Read More >

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Bhutan’s top archer? A woman.

Archery is Bhutan’s national sport. The country has participated in the Summer Games since 1984, invited to compete under the “universality invitation” awarded to small or developing nations to ensure diversity at the games.

For the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo, Bhutan will—for the first time—have an archer competing on merit alone.

Meet the athlete, ... Read More >

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27 Feb 2020
Posted in Archaeology, News

Earlier early man.

Researchers recently reported that a skull found in Greece in the 1970s might represent the oldest Homo sapien fossil ever found outside Africa. The bone fragment, encased in rock, was from an individual who lived at least 210,000 years ago. This fossil evidence means that H. sapiens inhabited Europe more than 160,000 years earlier than ... Read More >

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Imagination, digitized.

We don’t normally tell our travelers what colors to wear on their journeys, but here’s an exception: When you visit the TeamLab Borderless digital art exhibit in Tokyo, be sure to wear white or light-colored clothing. Doing so will allow you to blend in with the moving digital art all around you. And ... Read More >

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20 Feb 2020
Posted in Nature

Take a walk.

A recent story in the Independent, an online British newspaper, listed the most spectacular walks to take in Scotland, from hiking a volcanic peak in the Inner Hebrides to the long-distance West Highland Way, for the most ambitious among us. Have a look.

Fairy Glen, Rosemarkie, Black Isle, Highlands. Length: 1.75 miles. This easy ... Read More >

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13 Feb 2020
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An “X” is but a kiss.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, here’s a bit of trivia. We hope it warms the heart of your beloved.

We’ve always wondered how an “X” has come to represent a kiss, especially in the sign-off of a handwritten letter (remember those?) or a Valentine’s Day card. It seems that in the early days of Christianity, an ... Read More >

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6 Feb 2020
Posted in Food & Beverage

Soup’s on.

If you find yourself in the imperial city of Hue, Vietnam, don’t miss a bowl of a local favorite, bun bo Hue, fragrant Hue beef noodle soup. On his “Parts Unknown” travel show, the late, great Anthony Bourdain sampled bun bo Hue on a fishing boat and deemed it the “greatest soup in ... Read More >

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