The artful cuppa.

Cape Town, South Africa, as you might know, has a stellar reputation for its Cape Winelands, where some of the world’s best wine is produced. Has been for centuries.

Wine is not the only thing you ought to sip while in Cape Town. Did you know that the city has garnered a reputation for its coffee as well? Artisan roasters and blenders of the sacred bean have made a name for themselves around town.

And what’s more, you won’t find a single Starbucks in the entire city.

If caffeine is part of your day, consider checking out these establishments while you’re in Cape Town. (And if you haven’t planned a journey to this exceptional African city, what are you waiting for?)


Anthony’s Golden Cup Coffee Shop. Anthony still does what he’s been doing for 56 years and counting: roasts and freshly grinds beans from South America and Africa, and blends and flavors coffee by hand—all right in his unassuming shop. 59 Loop Street.

Truth Coffee Roastery. This shop specializes in  artisanal coffee for the exacting sipper. They roast their beans in a vintage roaster of cast iron, which owner David Donde says gives the coffee its exceptional flavor. 36 Buitenkant Street.

Origin Coffee Roasting. These coffee mavens emphasize hands-on mastery of all aspects of the process, from the selection of raw beans to the precise roasting, blending, grinding, and pouring of your coffee. Says Kane Kossew, Origin’s marketing director, “All of our green beans have been grown, harvested, and processed by growers selected for their immense passion and dedication to quality. We roast, taste, analyze, and roast again to arrive at the ultimate result.” 28 Hudson Street.

Deluxe Coffeeworks. Judd Francis Nicolay and Carl Wessel hand-roast beans sourced from all over the world right in the shop. Come taste, buy a bag of their special blend, and enjoy the ambience of this quirky place while you sip. 25 Church Street.

Espressolab Microroasters. A coffee hot-spot in the Old Biscuit Mill (a marketplace you shouldn’t miss in any case). They use Nordic roasting methods and serve their joe in glass beakers. They also experiment with ingredients to create totally unique drinks. Try an espresso, for which they’ve won awards. They roast coffee from single farms, estates, and cooperatives and establish relationships with growers and exporters, always hunting for sustainable, fair, and equal trade beans. 375 Albert Road.

Bean There Coffee. South Africa’s first roaster of certified fair-trade coffee, they are committed to personally sourcing fair-trade, organic coffee from Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda. 58 Wale Street.

Caturra Coffee. These roasters are known locally for their East African Estate Coffee, a blend from Kenya, Malawi, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. Artisan producers, they offer top-quality roasts for connoisseurs who like to drink something special. 10th Avenue.

R Café. Resident barista Sibongile offers a rich and complex artisanal blend of beans from Ethiopia, India, Brazil, and Costa Rica. Since opening its doors in 2004, R Café has been one of Long Street’s veteran haunts, a place known for its vibrant, bohemian, romantic ambience. 138 Long Street.

For information about a visit to South Africa—Capetown and beyond—contact Kiran Chand at or call 888-490-8013.

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